More ChatGPT Shenanigans

Who is the character “Cliff” from the TV show “Cheers”? The character “Cliff” from the TV show “Cheers” is Clifford C. Clavin Jr., portrayed by actor John Ratzenberger. Cliff Clavin is a postal worker and a regular patron at the Cheers bar. He is known for his extensive knowledge and trivia, often sharing long-winded and […]

DALL·E Fight scene of Shredder versus Kingpin in cel-shading art style.


CPU Mark Test KINGPIN SHREDDER PerformanceIncrease Integer Math (M Ops/Sec) 41,682 191,437 +359% Floating Point Math (M Ops/Sec) 34,643 140,992 +307% Find Prime Numbers (M Primes/Sec) 46 295 +541% Random String Sorting (K Strings/Sec) 26,282 76,952 +193% Data Encryption (M Bytes/Sec) 4,296 41,533 +867% Data Compression (M Bytes/Sec) 194 699 +260% Physics (Frames/Sec) 800 3,584 […]


My newest gaming rig, retiring KINGPIN. Component Product Price Vendor Audio Audio-Technica ATH-M50xSTS XLR StreamSet $149.99 Amazon Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3rd Gen USB Audio Interface $89.99 Amazon Brainwavz Velor Memory Foam Earpads $19.99 Amazon Biometrics Kensington VeriMark Desktop USB Fingerprint Reader $75.99 Amazon CPU Intel Core i7 14700K $419.00 Newegg Case Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic […]

DALL·E Shenanigans

“Photograph of a disappointed Android engineer who wants his $15 back.” – DALL·E 2

ChatGPT Shenanigans

I asked ChatGPT to do these things and am saving the responses here for posterity. Write me a specification for a programming language that is similar to JavaScript but doesn’t suck. Here’s a specification for a new programming language that takes the best features of JavaScript and improves upon its shortcomings: Syntax: The syntax of […]

Privacy Time

The web/email server that I rolled myself almost 10 years ago and runs on a Digital Ocean droplet is seriously outdated. It originally started as an Ubuntu 12.04 x32 system and migrated several times. However, because it is a 32-bit x86 architecture, there doesn’t appear to be a clear migration path past Ubuntu 18.04. So, […]

Hello world!

I guess I have a blog now. This is a place mostly for me to document things I’ve done or think are otherwise interesting. Actually, I’m just copying my friend Tim. He documents his computer builds on his blog.