My first real foray into 3D printing started a couple months ago with the new AnkerMake M5. However, since then I’ve upgraded to the Bambu Lab X1 Carbon. (Isn’t this also the name of a Thinkpad laptop?)

The Automatic Media System (AMS) is pretty cool for automatically swapping filament for multi-color prints. However, an area I would like to see improved is switching between the AMS and an external spool of filament. (Specifically, this is because certain types of filament or spool sizes aren’t compatible with the AMS).

I used Tinkercad to design a rudimentary magnetic coupler that makes it easier to swap between the AMS and an external spool. It’s not perfect, but has been working well for me for the past couple of weeks. You can check out the details here. Although I designed this for my X1C, it will also work with the Bambu Lab P1P, so I’ve entered it in the #ThangsBambuContest. There’s some other pretty great ideas there, so check that out too!

But, most importantly, buy the parts I’ve used via these Amazon Affiliate Links! 💰

Now I just have to learn real CAD software, like Autodesk Fusion 360. Maybe one day in my spare time. 🤷‍♂️