Simple Coin Flip

12 years later…

The original Simple Coin Flip – now completely rewritten using modern Android development practices. Still completely FREE (no-ads) and doesn’t require any unsafe permissions. Get it today from Google Play for your Android phone or tablet.

Open source code released to the public domain. Check it out on GitHub. If you like it, please consider making a donation to the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

What’s New?

Exactly the same as before (almost), but completely rewritten using Modern Android Development (MAD) standards. Kotlin, coroutines/flows, MVVM architecture, Material 3 with dynamic colors. You know, all the cool stuff. Android has come a long way. Fragments weren’t even a thing when I wrote the first version back in 2011. Can you believe I still have the original code signing key for this app?

Unfortunately, I’m not interested in Android Wear anymore, so no watch support. Fool me thrice, and all that. Sorry, but go buy a G-Shock and you’ll be happier. In fact, while you’re at it, turn off your phone for a few hours and go touch grass, as the kids say.

Oh, and Google finally realized that having an official API for loading resources from any app installed on your phone was not great from a privacy perspective, so no more support for “add-on packs”. If you bought the Simple Coin Flip Mega Pack in the past, I appreciate it. This new version has all 50 state quarters included for free.