Peppers ❤ Python

Fun fact: I’ve been growing chocolate ghost pepper plants in my office for the past year. Although, due to the oversight of growing these in an office building, I’ve produced plenty of flowers but no peppers because there’s nothing flying around to pollinate them. But, that’s a problem for another day. One problem I don’t […]

Muzei Saver 2.0.0

Muzei is a pretty awesome live wallpaper app for Android created by Google developers Roman Nurik and Ian Lake. It has an API that allows it to be extended and use custom sources that change throughout the day. I’ve been using it (somewhat ironically) to change my Android wallpaper to the Bing Image of the […]

OpenVPN Quick Settings Tile

This app provides an Android Quick Settings tile which launches an OpenVPN Connect intent to connect/disconnect a specific VPN profile. One day I’ll release this to Google Play. Or, even write the actual README file for the GitHub repo. But, in the meantime, here it is. Google Play GitHub (source code)

Far Cry 5 on KINGPIN

When running @ 1440p with Ultra graphics settings, on average enabling SLI results in an additional 19 frames-per-second (an increase of 24.7%). Worth it? Even with a 144 Hz G-Sync monitor, probably not. Here’s the fancy output from the game’s built-in benchmark with SLI enabled.


My newest gaming rig, retiring DARKHELMET.

Hello world!

I guess I have a blog now. This is a place mostly for me to document things I’ve done or think are otherwise interesting. Actually, I’m just copying my friend Tim. He documents his computer builds on his blog.

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